WHY? ... "to grow PROFITS, to grow SHARE, to establish and DELIVER an EXPERIENCE that's so GOOD .... the customer will actually PAY MORE to buy!"

Here’s just a few case studies …

JW Marriott Rio de Janiero

“An Oasis of Approachable Luxury on Copacabana Beach.”

KEY BUSINESS CHALLENGE:  We needed to address the changing demands of both business transient and leisure transient customers (technology, reliability, safety, security, fast, speed, efficiency, consistency, friendly, professional) while also addressing the “Rio” experience based on guest needs and wants.

BRINGING CLARITY TO POSITIONING:  We focused on the hotel’s overall atmosphere that is conducive to Inspiring performance for guests by delivering remarkable and unique experiences.  A place where they feel safe, welcomed and recognized.

St. Kitts Marriott Resort

“The West Indies Secret Discovery for Teams of Modern Explorers”

KEY BUSINESS CHALLENGE:  We needed to overcome limited air access, while defining customer mix (optimal mix of group to transient), reaching the “right” group customers with a sense of “exploration” and discovering places unknown.  We also focused on integrating tradition & heritage of Kittitian sugar cane workers with contemporary tourism to create a link between past and future while maintaining pride in being “west indies”.

BRINGING CLARITY TO POSITIONING:  “West Indies” = Location Pride  |  “Secret Discovery” = Not mainstream/still undiscovered     |  “Teams” = Primary audience – GROUPS  |  “Modern Explorers”  = Behavior of Audience, Innovators, Cutting edge, Looking for something different

JW Marriott Quito

“Quito’s Center for Well-Being and Peak Performance.”

KEY BUSINESS CHALLENGE:  At the time, the product was tired and did not meet the JW Brand Promise. However, had the most prominent location and was the consistent market leader.  They were in the process of updating the bedding in all of the Guest Rooms and re-positioning and renovating restaurant & bar concepts for in-house and local guests.  The focus need was a pro-active in our service execution while providing relevance of product and services to existing and future guests to drive additional ADR without losing market share.

BRINGING CLARITY TO THE POSITIONING:  For discerning world travelers seeking luxury on their terms with no pretense and world class fitness facilities and state of the art technology to meet their business needs.