I have to admit, through my years as a “road warrior”, I was always sporting the latest and greatest “gadget”. Which now looking back, took me down memory lane through the various stages in my career. Recently, I decided to say goodbye to some of my dear “gadget-friends” that through the years brought me such great joy in figuring them out, if nothing else! Each one presented a new challenge to conquer, not to mention the “tech-envy” that I received from my work colleagues or in-flight seat mates, whenever I’d pull out my latest purchase. Today, it’s all about minimal tech and traveling as light as possible. I’m fine with my iPhone and iPad, thank you very much, and I’ve learned to resist the temptation of all the rest. Well, of course with the exception of my mini speakers, my presentation “clicker”, my portable projector … oh, and yes my spare phone charger! I guess I’ll always be a tech-addict!